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Technical Services

We live in a world featuring division of labour and experts are often asked with regard to detailed issues in electrical & mechanical engineering. We are specialists here. We charge our services at hourly and daily rates and can come to your premises to support you on site.

Evaluating Machines (Risk Assessment):

The "Schmersal Safety Services", the newly structured "Schmersal Safety Services"

Power Quality Survey Report:

Poor power quality costs money in lost production, services and nuisance tripping.

Our expert provides expertise advice and support in the field of power quality studies.

Load profiling Survey Report:

Our clients have interest in establishing site usage, maximum demand and power factor. Energy consumption measurements are carried out to better understand amount of KWHr used on a site/equipment or process. This can be used for financial audits and cost analysis.
Our clients have been schools, Data centres, hospitals, Universities, and general manufacturing industrial sites.

For further pricing and product request, Please send your request by email sales@eurodevices.com